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    The Keepers Report - Vol. 1 no. 2 2014



    October 13th was the last day of volunteer work at the Oswego W. Pierhead Lighthouse.  The completion of the 2014 summer work season, which began in May, included 27 working trips to the Lighthouse with an estimated 450 volunteer hours worked.  Additionally, over 50 hours of work was completed on shore restoring various LH components.  A major effort was made by members of the SUNY Oswego Track Team who contributed roughly half of the 450 voluteer hours.  All volunteers that worked at the Lighthouse were honored at the special volunteer reception, held by the Maritime Museum, on November 12th.


    There were no safety or security issues throughout the 2014 work season. 


    Excellent progress was made with respects to the interior restoration of the tower signal room, the bathroom, the kitchen and the radio room on the first floor.  The composting toilet, installed in the bathroom at the start of the work season, performed its duties as advertized.  The two planning grants that funded the two surveys conducted by Crawford & Stearns, Architect & Preservation Planners were completed and will become the basis of future plans for exterior work and public access to the Lighthouse in the comming years. 


    As required by the terms of the lease agreement between the City of Oswego and the Maritime Museum, a report that detailed the restoration progress for 2014 and the plans for 2015 was presented to the City of Oswego Common Council.  The reoport was well received, and members of the Council were invited to visit the Lighthouse next year for an in person examination of the progress.  Plans are well underway to include the award winning Lighthouse float in the "Light Up Oswego Children's Parade" on November 29th.  Work continues over the winter, as we work to identify funding sources for the projected 2015 costs.  Be sure to see all the opportunities for community involvement in this project.  To learn how you can support the restoration, click here. 


    Theodore Panayotoff




    The Keepers Report - Vol. 1 no. 1 2014



    When the H. Lee White Maritime Museum took on the responsibility for restoring the Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse, it accepted a unique challenge in becoming the stewards of this prized National Register listed structure.  Since February, 2014, when the lease of the Lighthouse was granted to the Museum by the City of Oswego, fundraising and planning immediately began.  This work has given way to actual restoration work that occured over the summer.  Two small grants have made possible the beginning of the planning process for exterior restoration and for improved acces as we look forward to accomodating future public tours of the Lighthouse.


    With the good weather this summer, interior restoration continued with work in the tower signal room, as well as in the bathroom, kitchen and radio room on the first floor.  When the bathroom was completed, a composting toilet system was installed to provide facilities for restoration volunteers at the Lighthouse. This work was made possible through the dedication of volunteers, and organizational support such as the SUNY Oswego Track Team.   


    "Love our Lighthouse" became the new theme that has been highlighted by the installation of a 12' lighted heart on the south side of the Lighthouse caisson.  To learn more about the history and restoration of the Lighthouse, click here.   


    I'm looking forward to sharing all of the news about the Lighthouse through future installments of The Keepers Report.  Stay tuned.



    Theodore Panayotoff 


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