At the H. Lee White Maritime Museum, we have a passion for educating the public through a diverse set of permanent and rotating exhibits.




Explore... the artifacts that encompass the maritime history, heritage and culture of Oswego and connecting waterways.  The Museum's artifacts number in the thousands and are on display year round for viewing.  Exhibits range from Oswego's earliest native inhabitants to the industrial might of the modern port. Whether your interest is technology, commerce, naval history, lighthouses or shipwrecks, we have something that will intrigue your mind.     





Learn... about the events and places that shaped our Nation.  Oswego and the Eastern Shore of Lake Ontario has played a significant role in the development of the United States.  Whether it be the French & Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the development of the Barge Canal System or any other place or event, Oswego and the surrounding region has played a pivitol role. 








Meet ... the people who shaped our history.  The men and women of Oswego have proven remarkable in their ability to continue to impress upon us their incredible histories.  At the Maritime Museum, you will meet the captains, the shipbuilders, the shipwreck divers, the artists and the every day seaman who took part in the many activities of the region.  








Marvel ... at the fine and decorative arts of notable artists such as George Gray, James Gail Tyler, Frank Kraft, Eugene Caskins, Albert Adams and others as you tour our Museum.  Further, the Museum features a rotating art gallery with new pieces and artists every few months.  Click here to see our current exhibition, the works of Donald Gillespie. 










Board ... the vessels that made history.  Mid-May through Mid-October (weather pending) the Museum opens its vessels for guided and self-guided tours.  To learn more about our vessels, click here.